WARNING: This Product Contains Nicotine. Nicotine is an Addictive Chemical

Unlock heightened cognitive capabilities with Anointed Fungi Co's Amanita-enriched white chocolate, containing 4200mg of the mind-sharpening Amanita Muscaria mushroom.

Anointed Fungi Co - Amanita Infused White Chocolate (4200mg)

Anointed Fungi Co.
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Infused with Amanita Muscaria, Anointed Fungi Co's White Chocolate Bars provide an opportunity to unlock potential and access ancient shamanic secrets. Each bar contains 4200mg of this powerful mushroom, equivalent to 350mg per piece. Get a taste of the transformative power of mushrooms with this conveniently delicious bar.

Harness the power of premium ingredients to sharpen mental performance, boost creativity, and enhance spiritual clarity. Incorporate the benefits of Anointed Fungi Co's Amanita Infused White Chocolate (4200mg) into your daily life and unlock your highest mental potential.

This product doesย NOTย contain psilocybin. 100% Legal ingredients