WARNING: This Product Contains Nicotine. Nicotine is an Addictive Chemical

Savoring Anointed Fungi Co's Amanita Muscaria Milk Chocolates is a luxurious experience, crafted with the highest-quality ingredients and loaded with brain-boosting compounds to super-charge your thinking, spark creativity, and kickstart spiritual growth.

Anointed Fungi Co - Amanita Infused Milk Chocolate (4200mg)

Anointed Fungi Co.
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Experience mind-expanding bliss with our 4200mg Amanita Muscaria-infused chocolates! Each bar contains 350mg of entheogenic magic, a powerhouse of ancient shamanic wisdom that's sure to unlock the divine within. Transform your consciousness through a convenient and delicious treatโ€”it's the perfect way to explore a whole new world of enlightenment.

Anointed Fungi Co'sย Amanita Muscaria Milk Chocolates are a luxurious treat, crafted with the finest ingredients and enriched with bioactive compounds that have been found to increase cognitive performance, stimulate creativity, and facilitate spiritual evolution.ย 

This product doesย NOTย contain psilocybin. 100% Legal ingredients