WARNING: This Product Contains Nicotine. Nicotine is an Addictive Chemical

Ooze Booster Onyx Coils

Ooze Booster Onyx Coils

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The Ooze C-Core devices for concentrates rely on the Ooze Booster Onyx Coils as their power source. This special atomizer bucket contains the patented Azul ceramic core dish at the bottom, and a gap on either side of the dish. To maximize vaporization, the Onyx Atomizer has been designed with engineered airflow that draws air in from below the bucket and circulates it throughout the entire atomizer, not just around the top. This results in an exceptional dab experience.

While the Ooze Booster Onyx Coils are incredibly advanced, they still need to be replaced at some point. When the time comes, simply unscrew the old coil from your Booster and swap it out for a new one from this replacement pack. Get back to enjoying your experience in no time.

    Experience a smarter vape with Ooze C-Core - the future of vaping. Our patented technology allows for faster heating and enhanced flavors, making your vaping experience even better.
    The Booster Onyx Coil features a flat bottom dish that can be easily cleaned with a drop or two of isopropyl alcohol. To avoid an excess amount of liquid, be sure not to flood the dish. Heat the device until the dish is dry and returns to its original blue color.
    Ooze Booster Onyx Coils feature a flat and efficient Azul ceramic core dish that eliminates pooled extract and residue, allowing for optimal and effective use.
    The Ooze Booster Onyx Coils are designed with a 100% metal-free atomizer and a ceramic dish that eliminates any contact with heating components, ensuring a clean and seamless vaping experience.
  • 2-PACK
    Refresh your Onyx Atomizers with Ooze Booster Onyx Coils. Each box provides 2 new buckets to keep your device in top condition.