WARNING: This Product Contains Nicotine. Nicotine is an Addictive Chemical

ODB Wraps (18650)
ODB Wraps (18650)
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ODB Wraps (18650)

ODB Wraps
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Weโ€™ve all had a battery wrap tear on one of our 18650โ€™s. Some of us continue to use them like that, which is incredibly unsafe.ย  Now you can save all those unsafe batteries that have compromised wrapsย woth ODBโ€™s high quality designed and unique wraps!

We highly recommend that you use a hairdryer when applying the new wrap. The old wrap MUST be removed first! Also, donโ€™t lose the top plastic ring of your battery, it comes off with the old wrap.ย ย Damaged batteries can be dangerous, nicks and tears in the sleeves can cause direct shorts lead to battery venting and even fires.ย ย This solution is not only cheap its effective and very easy to apply.

Product Information
Length: 74mm
Shrinkage Ratio: 48%
Flat Diameter: 29.5mm (before shrinkage)
Shrink Diameter: Approx. 18.5mm
Wall Thickness: 0.1mm (before shrinkage)
Suit: For Li-ion 18650 Battery
High quality
Durable design

Thinnest and most durable 18650 Battery Wraps on the market

x1 ODB Wrap