WARNING: This Product Contains Nicotine. Nicotine is an Addictive Chemical


Efest Lush Q8 LED Charger

The Efest Lush Q8 Battery Charger features an automatic charging mode. With 8 batteries, it charges at 0.5 amps. With 4 batteries, it charges at 1.0 amps. With 2 batteries in Slot #1 and Slot #8, it charges at 2.0 amps. The Lush Q8 charger is compatible with 10440, 14500, 14650, 18500, 17670, 18650, 18700, 26500, and 26650 lithium ion batteries. Another great feature of the Lush Q8 is the Low Voltage Smart Activation Recovery Function. This feature will bring back batteries that have dropped voltage as low as 0.6 volts. The Lush Q8â s safety features include independent bay monitoring, reverse polarity protection, over-charging protection, and short circuit protection.

Features: Automatic Selective Charging Modes x8 Batteries (0.5A Charging) x4 Batteries (1.0A Charging) x2 Batteries (2.0A Charging) 2A Fast Charging Slot #1 / Slot #8 High Quality Piano Wire Springs High Quality Fire Retardant Material Low Voltage Smart Activation Recovery Function > 0.6V Independent Bay Monitoring Reverse Polarity Protection Automatic Over-charging Function Auto-detect Charging Function Short Circuit Protection

Includes: x1 Efest Lush Q8 Charger x1 12V 2A DC Cord x1 Warranty Card x1 Manual